There is a strange ritual at work here. Still trying to figure it out. It may be a conspiracy. Not sure. Don’t understand it. Never could.

Around here (I’m back on my Island now, by the way – keep up people!) it springs into action at least once a year. Sometimes more.

Traffic stops. Work stops. Gorgeous women no longer interesting. Instead every available TV set broadcasts same transmission. Every man, woman and child hypnotized by it. Very strange transmission.

Will elaborate. Imagine twenty Dominican men. Rallying round TV set at a gas station. On screen we see other men doing nothing. Intercuts. They wear the same shirts. The same caps. Some wear oversized gloves in one hand. Saunter about a field looking important. One is on a mount. Popping white ball in and out of glove.

Thousands of spectators encircle them. Man on the mount looks left. Looks right. Nods. Takes a few steps forward. Scratches his crotch. The crowd goes wild.

Another man is wielding wooden stick. Looks at it. Not happy. Picks another one. Bats air. Happy now. More people watch him. Applaud. He grins. Adjusts “I’m so gorram cool” sunglasses. Waves. Nods. I’m waiting for the crotch-scratch. No dice. He wiggles his tail. Like a happy puppy. Pathetic. Bends his knees like he really has to go.

Man on mount repeats ritual. Looks left. Looks right. Nods. Cracks his neck. Kisses the ball in the glove. Lifts foot like he’s about to step over a huge mount of doodoo. Pretends to throw it at the man with the stick. Throws it at different man standing with one foot on dirty cushion. Dominican men grumble. Shout.

Man with stick swings air. Is unhappy. Paces around. Cut to the crowd. Painted faces. Waving flags. Jumping up and down. Even more pathetic. Dominican men chatter. Someone curses at TV. Nervous. Hot girl struts by. Nobody sees her. No hoots. No whistles. Man with stick on TV much more attractive.

Man on mount finally throws. Man with stick swings. Misses. Crowd goes wild again. Dominican men near ecstasy. Man on mount throws again. This time very, very slowly. Man with stick swings again. Very, very slowly. Misses again.

Dominicans begin shouting, insulting TV. Man with stick doesn’t hear them. Walks. So do I. Away, that is.

I think it’s religious. I heard God being called upon several times. Other than that I can’t explain. Some told me it is a sport. Very boring game. Must be something new. Wont last.

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