Inspiration, I have you now!

I’m happy to announce my favorite singer Emma Shapplin has just released her newest album, and its a step in a new direction. After her previous pop-opera albums Carmine Meo and Etterna, she now released Macadam Flower, a new more modern approach to her style.

And in English.

While her previous productions were entirely in Old Italian (with the exception of the song Discovering Yourself) and very operatic with a few pop-techno-touches, this album is an unexpected cross-cut of instrumental and techno-rock songs, a few in her native French (!!). While I enjoy the album, I still feel her previous works are more epic in scale and thus inspirational, at least for me.

Still, Macadam Flower is very enjoyable. Allow me to place here a few of her past songs for you to savor and learn why she’s my fav diva. Besides the fact that she writes or produces most of her own stuff. Christine Daae incarnate!

Here a few of her songs, including:

  • From Macadam Flower the single Nothing Wrong.
  • From the Red Planet Soundtrack the song (and my all time fav song from her or anyone) The Fifth Heaven, here used in a Final Fantasy remix.
  • From her album Carmine Meo the single Discovering Yourself.

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