New Bible in Haitian Creole released

by jgoode Friday July 2, 2010 marked a historic day in Haiti for lovers of God's Word the Bible. At the first in a series of 12...

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Tin Huts Photo Updates

Here is a short photo-report on the Tin Huts. It's in Spanish, but the images speak volumes. This image collection shows us the steps of...

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Tweeted Construction Updates

John Goode, the special in Haiti has begun to publish Twitter updates about the Tin Houses construction. If you want to keep up with what's...

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More Little Tin Houses Construction Images

A new set of images that has come in from the Little Tin Houses. They should protect our brothers from the rainy season, but if...

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A Few Memorial Notes

Hi everyone. I am sure you had a good memorial. In Cutupu we had 211 with 50 publishers. 1/2 of those out side the hall...

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Photo Report — Haiti Relief

This one came in a few weeks ago, but it's still relevant, as this very effort is currently underway, as the previous post showed. See...

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“They don’t just talk about helping, they really do it.”

Knowing your keen interest in Haiti and its current problems, on reading this report this morning I felt you would enjoy it as much as...

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Visiting a Refugee Camp

A brother who participated in the Jimani effort went to Haiti to see about the seeds he'd hoped he'd planted during said effort. His report...

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The Little Tin Houses


Here is an image-update about what is going on with the reconstruction effort for our brothers. They call them "transitional homes" as they are only...

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Jehovah’s Witnesses’ relief efforts in Haiti highlight international unity


Brother Don Elwell (one of the first on the scene after the quake) received the chance to write the following article for You will...

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New Chile Update


A quick note we received. On Saturday, February 27, 2010, an earthquake hit central Chile and the city of Concepcion. The coastal areas were hit the...

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March Updates


Much has been happening in Haiti and the rest of the world. As you all know a new quake in Chile has focused attention on...

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Jameson Update

Some of you may have been wondering what has been happening to Jameson from Steve's Experiences here and here. Last we heard he was still incapable of...

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Quake Update — Chile


Dear Friends: We just got word from Chile from the brothers that so far there is no confirmed news of brothers losing their lives.  We...

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Steve’s Videos

Steve has found a few videos on his camera from the Jimani effort. They're very short but we thought you might enjoy them. Watch them...

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Overwhelming Love — A Few Updates

In all the chaos and mess going on in Haiti, one thing is clearly emerging: the love of our brothers. But many have also been underestimating...

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Rest and Recovery


How are our wounded brothers and sisters doing? As you've heard, they are being taken care of in the public hospitals as well as in...

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Our I.V. Assignment in Haiti

Here is a short but sweet letter from Bob & Heidi with lots of pictures. It's a PDF file, so you can read it in...

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Slideshow in Spanish

Due to its popularity, here is a version of the slide-show en Espanol. Click here for the English...

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Images of our brothers [Spanish]

Another slide-show of our brothers in Haiti. In Spanish. Haiti Jw...

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At last we can publish the slide show about the relief work that was done between Jan 15th to 23rd 2010 at the Haiti border...

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Highest cases of amputations for a natural disaster ever

The Haiti Quake quite possibly has the highest amount of amputations for a natural disaster in recorded history. Never before have so many people lost...

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Steve’s Experience part II

Anthony explaining to a group of Haitians why we cant give them a ride. Military check points every 5km. Exceptions for being made for haitians with no papers only if they were injured. Heart breaking.

Click here for part I. --------------------------------------------- There was a massive pile of empty coffins in the courtyard of the hospital. Every now and again, 2 guys would...

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Steve’s Experience part I

One of the volunteers, Steven, wrote down his experience. It is very long, but worth every word. We're still adding pictures, but go ahead and...

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